About George Stilabower


Based in New York City, I am available for assignments throughout the United States. 

I majored in journalism at Indiana University, Bloomington to explore my interest in media and graphic design. Photojournalism courses instilled in me the ability to shoot in the moment (using black and white film) and to quickly compose an image. Sensitivity to story and urgency drive many of my assignments today. Drama, character, and setting all influence the way I see my subjects and create images.

Before I started shooting professionally, I taught journalism, English, publication design, editing, and photography at South Pasadena High School in Los Angeles. I developed a nationally recognized journalism and publications program that won numerous prestigious awards, and I was a presenter at state and national conventions for many years. Later, I managed a student publishing program for five years at the University of California, Berkeley.

After teaching workshops and speaking at several functions in New York City, I decided to move there in 1999. I also work as a graphic designer, editor, and publications consultant for a variety of clients. I continue to freelance in these areas as time permits.